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7th of Apr 2013 • 06:19 PM • 179 notes
Allow me to shed some light on the current cheating situation.

There is a screenshot going around that is alleged “proof” of Ed Sheeran fans cheating. To be honest not ONE Ed Sheeran fan understand shit of what’s going on on that screenshot and I will tell you why. 

Here’s what we are looking at (oh yeah I took my own shot too, what up):

The first thing that jumps out is the #neverforgetbillinda hashtag. 
No Ed Sheeran fan knows what a Billinda is. She is the lead singer of My Bloody Valentine (the more you know!), which means it is My Bloody Valentine fans who are behind this. The mutants.

Why are they doing this? Is not that they want to help Ed Sheeran win because of his amazing artistry (which should be the reason, just saying). But it is because of this:

They are sure Tokio Hotel aliens rigged the poll to get them disqualified, so they are out for revenge. 
Ed Sheeran fans had nothing to do with this post. I’m pretty sure none of us knew what 4Chan was or how it works. Hell, I’ve had to explain what’s a macro more times than I would care to remember. 

The funny thing about this is that MTV’s site is cheat proof
Do you think thousand of automated votes will come in undetected? They got rid of the music on their channel, it’s all shit reality TV now but you know what? They’re not that dumb. 

Aliens just need to look at the numbers. Ed has tweeted the link several times to a whooping 6 million followers. Of course the percentages are going to increase dude, it’s simple math. 
There has been a lot of name calling and bickering coming from both fan bases (yes some of us are proper dicks too); but there is absolutely no need for that. If Aliens think that we are cheating, then keep doing your thing and let MTV disqualify us like they disqualified MBV when they supposedly cheated against you. What’s the use in engaging in back and forths? I said it on twitter and I’ll say it here too:
No need to get your panties up in a bunch. It doesn’t help and it makes you walk funny. 

Tokio Hotel wont cancel the release of an album they’ve been working so hard on just because they didn’t win a silly MTV contest. It’s common sense. Ed wont get any less awesome either. 
There’s no reason to get so worked up over this. So here’s some good advice for whichever side of the MMM you’re in: your tits, calm them. 
Do your best and let the best music act win.

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    EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT CHEATING - just read this and have a cupcake. Thank you.
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    Problem is, how can you be so sure it’s the MBV fans, as the poll between Ed Sheeran and Paramore was freaking crashed...
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