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11th of Oct 2012 • 10:29 PM • 604 notes
Ed’s tattoo and meaning master post

Alright let’s start with the lower inside half of his arm and work our way from the wrist up only talking about the big ones first that make up most of the lower sleeve.

Alright so first tattoo is some leaves we aren’t really sure what they mean although my best guess knowing ed is that he saw it liked it and just got it tattoo’d.

Moving up from there we have some cool red/orange shading to fill in spots around some of the smaller tattoo’s 

Next we have the snowflake and angel wings tattoo. This tattoo could have a couple of meanings. The snowflake to represent his time spent with Snow Patrol in spring of 2012 it could also be for all that cold weather he’s always talking about in his songs but I’d say Snow Patrol. The angel wings I would say are for A-team. He also says that it represents San Francisco. 

Next farther up we got some more leaves and well see first explanation yea?

Alright next we have the puzzle pieces and these all represent people that are close to Ed and that he wanted to have a reminder of. 

After that we’ve got a little bit of the painting Starry Night by Vincent can Gogh and this tattoo represents his father it also represents the song “Vincent” by Don McLean (this one you can better see in the Chinese symbol picture down below!). 

We’ve also got a tattoo of the world which represents the day + was released in the US representing the album being released world wide.

Now working our way back up from the wrist we will talk about the little tattoo’s that he’s got hidden in the jumbled mess of bigger tattoo’s. 

Alright first we have the standard + that he’s had forever but he  has also added a division symbol there

We’ve also got a nice tattoo of Puss and Boots. Why idk because he’s Ed Sheeran and he can. It also represents his house in Suffolk.

Now in the orange/red shadding bit we’ve got the tattoo of the maple leaf for canada (go Eh-team!)

Then we have signature ones that read “Ed Sheeran” and the other “Damien Rice” who is one of his biggest music influences. We also have the words “your name” a lyrics from the song “Wake Me Up”. 

Further up in the second bunch of leaves we’ve got a yellow star meaning unknown. 

Next we’ve got the paw print cause well that’s Ed’s thing and it also represents LA.

Next to that we’ve got the the phrase “festina lente” which means “hurry slowly” and is something I think he said that Elton John said to him and he liked it. Full meaning here.

Next we have a heart meaning unknown.

On the other side of the paw print we have a hand print possibly representing Small Bump but we aren’t sure. We do know that it represents Kansas. 

Then we’ve got the lego head because Ed loves lego and that represents Austin Texas (yee-haw).

We’ve also got a number 5 which could represent his EP No. 5 Collections again not confirmed. We do know that it represents Las Vegas.

Above that we have the pause,play, rewind,fast forward, stop symbols this one pretty much represents music. It also represents Utah.

If you go back up to the picture of the world tattoo you can also get a nice view of his goat tattoo. He explained it as representing one of his favorite places to eat that has great milkshakes.

Then of course we have the tiger strips that are 3 separate tattoos that weave in and out of his other tattoo’s. The meaning behind this could be connected to Ed’s orange hair, or maybe he just likes tigers?

This picture allows us to see the red stars rimmed with yellow meaning unknown

Now moving to the upper arm. The lower and upper arm are separated by what looks like a piece of  string or twine.

Then we have the Kola which represents Australia.

Next we have what appears to be a Chinese symbol that represents Japan (oh Ed) and the meaning is speculated to be “yes” or “correct”

We then have the Kiwi bird that represents New Zealand.

And of course ketchup cause he likes ketchup I guess.

The large block style quote above the kiwi are lyrics from a song called “Everything Is Borrowed” by “The Streets” it is done in the hand writing of Mark Skinner and reads “I came to this world with nothing And I leave with nothing but love Everything else is just borrowed” (this is my personal fave!).

The above picture is of a quote from a Bon Iver song called “Re: Stacks” and is in Bon Iver’s handwriting it reads “Everything that happens is from now on” (shout out to Bon Iver for being from my home state of Wisconsin Woot!)

on the under side of his upper arm he has a tattoo which represents the logo from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” it reads “prince” one of Ed’s favorite TV shows that he talks a lot about in interviews. It’s also a friendship tattoo with Rizzle Kicks some of his close mates, one of them has “fresh” and the other has “on the playground is where I spent most of my days”.  This tattoo also represents Philadelphia (“West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spend most of my days”).

On his elbow (OUCH!) we have the symbol for his mate Random Impulse along with some cool flames and such. We also have Pingu which he just got cause it makes him happy. It’s also a friendship tattoo and Harry Styles has a matching one on his arm that just reads “Pingu”. 

The Meow tattoo was done by Phoebe (the girl next to him in the picture) it was done on TV in Canada. 

He also has a little star on his elbow that matches one that Jethro aka Alonestar has who is Ed’s cousin! 

Well I think that’s it. I’m not sure I might have missed some if I did I’m sure I will be corrected. I will try to add as he gets more tattoo’s and pictures come out of them!

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